The Battlefield

The BattlefieldJenny has joined forces with singer/songwriters James Addison & Matt Ducey to form The Battlefield. Check them out on Facebook at or at


tumblr_mkn6bf3T211rm65xio1_1280“Let It Break” was featured on the Logo TV show EASTSIDERS (season 1, episode 8).  For more on the show visit

KoAloha Ukulele


Jenny has joined the KoAloha Ohana as a supported artist!  Known for the finest handmade ukuleles in the world, KoAloha has been Jenny’s ukulele of choice since day one.  Look for updates as this exciting partnership develops!

Shareen Vintage

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 5.40.12 PMWondering where Jenny finds those fun, feminine, flirty dresses?  Shareen Vintage!  They recently featured “Let It Break” on their blog!

jennyA soulful siren born and raised in East Texas, Jenny has often been called the new Patsy Cline by admirers drawn to her enchanting, old-school country sound. Jenny combines her passion for the classics with a bright, modern pop sensibility and lyrics of truth & beauty. “Let It Break” weaves a rich tapestry of sound with lush strings, abundant pedal steel & the sweet chimes of her cherished ukulele – a truly stunning, fan-funded debut.