CD Release Celebration!

The “Let It Break” CD release celebration was a huge success!  We packed the House of Blues Foundation Room, and I could feel the love coming at me from all directions.  High five!  A great big thank you to Jorge Balbi, Ethan Carlson, Matt Ducey, Drew Taubenfeld & Adam Zimmon for backing me up.  You were amazing.  I’d also like to thank my family that flew in for the show and all of my fabulous supporters who came out on a school night.  You’re the best.  Video from the show & more photos coming soon!




House of Blues 5/1/13

What a fabulous night!  Big thanks go out to all of you beautiful souls who showed up.  We had an amazing turnout & I was on cloud nine seeing you in the audience and feeling the LOVE.   Super grateful to have the talented Matt Ducey, Ethan Carlson, Drew Taubenfeld & Eric Heinly backing me up.  Also, a thank you goes out to Hiram Gonzalez for booking me on country night!

If you couldn’t make it out this time, no worries, we’re back at the House of Blues on June 12th @ 9pm.  Mark your calendars!  There are also videos from the show up on this site for you to check out in the meantime.  Thank you Stuart Ambrose & Megan McNulty for putting your iPhones to good use.

Lastly, thank you Adam Kulbersh for sharing the yummy photo below.

See you soon!

House of Blues

Stagecoach 2013!

I just got back from Stagecoach and I have to say it was 100% pure bliss! A big thank you goes out to Kiki Hall & the Loons for making my weekend so magical and fancy!!!  Next year, I’m getting on that stage!

StagecoachKiki Hall & the Loonsmane stageChillin' at Stagecoach

Thank you!

Wonderful friends & visitors, the support that you have shown for my debut album has me OVER THE MOON! Thank you for believing in this project & sharing it with others. This has been an exiting journey and I’m so happy to have you along for the ride. I’ve longed for a dedicated space to express my appreciation for each & every one of you, so I’ve created a Gratitude blog!

I’d like to start by thanking my Kickstarter backers without whom this record would still be a dream.

Whitney Kroenke, Elissa Weaver, Marianne & Fred Weaver, Rose Kirkland-Chambers, Sara Goodman, Daniel Kramer, Mark Warwick, Chemin Bernard, Katie Kirkland, Jodi Targon, Gillian Blake, Erin Cardillo, Michelle Kane, Jan Dunn, Ariel Joseph Towne, Shannon O’Kelly, Samantha Lemole, Julianna Borgendale, Cary Larson, Pam Wyatt, Benjamin Salka, Marc Kamyab, Tanya Tellez, Mary Lohmann, Katie Cole, Doris Anderson, Rachel Ramras, Melanie Llamas, David Scales, Amber-Lee Wolverton, Kate Staiger, Jennifer Kushner, Carla Cenatiempo, Tod Reichart, Karla Schweer, Carl Johan Ihre, Jen Ray, Lindsey Warner, Ben Giroux, Michael Walsh, Ashley Gaar, Mahayana Landowne, Yuki Yokoyama, Elena Eva, Chelsi Kosarin, Julie Mahler, Wendy Haines, Francesca Weaver, Stephanie Macadaan, Andrea Delph, Dana Ostfeld, Eliza Swords, Russel Taylor, Alexandra Safford, Ronda Harelson, Jennifer Parson, Jessica Targum, Kim Rubinstein, Jennifer Moon, Adele Bent, Tadd Wamester, Austin Lysy, Stephen Britt, Mandy Wolfson, Michelle Pollack, Vanessa Tirapelli Jamail, Kimberly Bell, David Sellinger, Jessi Campbell, Kristi Johnson, Jessie Salka, Michael Reilly, Ani Tarpinian, Ellen & Jon Schumacher, Megan McNulty, Rachel Cannon, Jason Chambers, Michael Wiggins, Tina Watkins, Cloie Taylor, Melissa Vitello, Christine Lakin, Scottie Gage, Melinda Lopez, Kelly Boczek Petrie, TJR Legacy II, Access Royale, Amanda Pomeroy, Janelle Giumarra, Thomas Giles, Jackie Seiden, Andy Lazarus, Mackie Oria Morris, Michael Quattrone, Lauren Lillie, Monica Moussighi, Michael Cotter, Ashleigh Price, Maria Lee, Justin Bradshaw, Jonathan Westwood, Pui Wu, Markus Maucher, Ned Noyes, John Henry, Ann Lemay, Brad Dancer, Bekah Nutt, Mark Waters, Larissa Lury, Cassidy Brown, Ashley Williams, Kristen Ariza, Theresa Walker, Wes McGee, Hillary Croll, Richard Tanne, Valarie Ianniello, Taylor Wilson, Erin Segal, Kim Miller, Ilka Pinheiro, Elizabeth Maphis, Nikki DeLoach, Terryn Westbrook, Hayden Wyatt, Noemi Asturias Dengo, Jen Kelly, Wade Gasque, Susie Williams, Warner Loughlin, Julie Zipper, Stacey & Steve Rifkin, Serena Berne, Daniella Eisman & Lori Miller THANK YOU!!!!!

And to all of the wonderful souls who came together to work on the record:

Ethan Carlson, Reuben Cohen, Julian Adam Zimmon, Marty Rifkin, Sasha Smith, Brian Lang, Jorge Balbi, Claire Courchene, Stefan L Smith, Robert Anderson, Paul Cartwright, Chris Woods, Jeremy Rubolino, Afton Hefley, Jen Lauren Grant, Karla Baker & Melody Carpenter @ Stagg Street Studios